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Are Low Voltage Batteries Really better? Uhhhh.....Yes, Especially When Delivered!

You may have seen low voltage batteries come and go from our menu over the years and that’s because they are generally a bit harder to find and the people who know, know and love them! What’s so great about a low voltage battery though? When you think of a battery for a dab pen or cannabis vaporizer cartridge one might think there is really no difference, or perhaps it’s just about how big of a puff you can get. These ideas could not be further from the truth. The battery is arguably as important than the cartridge itself. The bottom line is, if you have the wrong battery, a high end cartridge can be ruined by high voltage, higher temps and too much air drawing.

When vaping a high end cartridge, like our favorite cartridge brand URSA, or any other solventless or 100% live resin cartridge, it’s important to remember that proper use and proper hardware will make the cartridge last as long as possible and allow it to hold up to its original flavor and effect profile. Have you ever noticed that after the first few puffs some cartridges taste burned or the flavor profile changes dramatically? While there are numerous reasons this can happen, often times it’s because the battery being used is not intended for that particular cartridge.

Choosing the correct battery is of the upmost importance in having an exceptional vape cart experience. Here are a few recommendations about the batteries and cartridges we carry, as well as some useful tips to help store and keep cartridges;

  1. Our in house Farmhouse Power Supply is intended for higher viscosity or thicker oils (Raw Garden, Bloom Farms, Jetty gold, etc.) that don’t move when you tip the cartridge, and should never be used for lower viscosity carts. For lower viscosity cartridges (URSA, WOX, Friendly, Jetty Solventless etc.) a low voltage battery is recommended, but can also be used with higher viscosity cartridges.
  2. Remember leaving a cartridge in a very cold or hot place (i.e. in the car on a hot day or over night) can lead to degradation of the device and the oil. This should be avoided at all costs. Ideal conditions are cool, dry 65-75 degrees.
  3. A 3-5 second draw/pull/puff is best to maintain hardware and cartridge integrity. Even low temp/voltage batteries can burn the oil and the cartridge, if used for longer draws, leading to clogging, flavor degradation and other issues. It’s important to remember that the manufacturers of the devices themselves recommend a 3-5 second draw and to allow cooling time in between multiple draws. Remember a cartridge is really designed as a personal use item and should not be passed around like a joint.
  4. Use the lowest setting to make your cartridge last longer. Many cannabis dispensary retailers and cartridge companies don’t want you to know this trick and while this may not get you the biggest hit it will definitely make the cartridge last longer. Adjusting your temperature setting down, might give you a “smaller hit,” but it can give you a different range of cannabinoids and terpenes that may otherwise just burn off at a higher temperature. In other words, you will get a more “strain specific” effect from the correct temperatures. If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island switch your battery to low and ride out the time until your are rescued and Farmhouse can get you your next delivery!

Pro tip: 3-5 second draw just not getting you where you want to be? Try smoking or vaporizing some flower. It’s always the superior option, in our opinions. And, of course, there are always dabs!


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