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Learn About Regenerative and Organic Cannabis at Farmhouse

Sustainable cannabis refers to the cultivation, production, and distribution of cannabis products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. This includes using sustainable and regenerative farming practices, reducing carbon emissions and waste, and supporting local communities. These values are at the core of the Farmhouse Artisan Market Ethos.

As with any form of farming, cannabis cultivation can have a significant impact on the environment, including issues such as water usage, pesticide and fertilizer runoff, and energy consumption. Sustainable cannabis practices seek to address these issues by using organic and regenerative farming techniques, such as companion planting, cover cropping, and integrated pest management. These practices can help to improve soil health, conserve water, and reduce the use of harmful chemicals.

In addition to sustainable cultivation practices, sustainable cannabis also involves responsible manufacturing and distribution practices. This includes using eco-friendly packaging materials, reducing waste and carbon emissions throughout the supply chain, and supporting local communities through charitable donations and partnerships. While regulatory agencies make some of these aspects impossible, especially truly eco friendly packaging, Farmhouse Artisan Market is dedicated to finding compostable and reusable packaging for flower and other products.

Many cannabis companies have embraced sustainable practices as part of their business model, and consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing products that are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. When purchasing cannabis products, users should look for companies that prioritize sustainability and have transparent practices around their sourcing, cultivation, and distribution processes. Farmhouse Artisan Market is dedicated to furthering this cause and we attempt to, in every aspect of the business, including using an eco friendly fleet for delivery and post consumer recycled, recyclable and compostable exit packaging, as well as emphasizing working with sustainable brands. there are many certification program available to the cannabis industry that offer assurance and verification of sustainable including but not limited to CCOF, DEM Pure, and Clean Green Certification.


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