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Sonoma Hills Farm Regenerative and Sustainable Cannabis


Consumers deserve to know where their cannabis comes from and how it is grown. That is the philosophy at Sonoma Hills Farm, where regenerative farming and a focus on back to the land are cornerstones. Sonoma Hills Farm has demonstrated their commitment to this ethos by becoming one of the first OCal certified cannabis farms in California through the Department of Agriculture.

While USDA and other organic certifications are not available to the cannabis industry due to its status as federally illegal, the OCal certification from CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) mirrors the USDA organic requirements. This certification process helps California consumers ensure that cannabis products bearing the OCal label have undergone rigorous standard requirements to be recognized as comparable to organic. CEO, Kelly Damewood said this: “OCal cannabis certification celebrates the integrity and transparency of cannabis growers who use long-established organic practices such as cultivating healthy soils, fostering biodiversity, and eliminating the use of cancer-causing pesticides. Like all agricultural crops grown in California, cannabis can, and should, be grown with production practices that protect the land and our communities. We applaud Sonoma Hills Farm for leading by example.”

Sonoma Hills Farm prides itself on creating the finest OCal certified cannabis, while maintaining high quality standards and allowing each strain / cultivar to express it’s own unique terpene profile giving the consumer a different experience from strain to strain. Their commitment to producing embodies the highest standards without compromise or short cuts. 

In addition to OCal certification, Sonoma Hills Farm is also Sun + Earth certified. This is a non-profit certification for regenerative organic cannabis grown under the California sun by small-scale family farms. Shop Farmhouse Artisan Market for all the best things SHF.


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