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Petaluma's Premier Cannabis Delivery: Farmhouse Artisan Market

From the rolling Petaluma River to the vintage charm of its historic downtown, Petaluma, California, is a city known for its beauty, its history, and its unique local culture. But if you’re searching for a high-quality weed experience, you’ll find that Petaluma has a vibrant weed culture as well. The strains of Petaluma are as diverse as the city itself, with names like “Sonoma Coma” hinting at the town’s innovative spirit and tradition of excellence. Here, cannabis is more than a product—it’s a lifestyle.

Welcome to Farmhouse Artisan Market, your top-notch Petaluma dispensary delivery service. We’re not just another dispensary in Petaluma, CA. We offer a unique collection of cannabis products sourced from the best producers across the Golden State. Whether you’re a medical patient seeking relief or a recreational user exploring our selection, we’ve got the perfect product for your needs.

Plus, as an exclusive bonus for our new Petaluma customers, if you use the coupon code FIRSTORDER at checkout, you’ll save 10% off your first delivery order. Curious about where else we deliver to in California? Browse our full list of cities we deliver to here

Whether you are interested in our locally sourced flower, premium flower, or top-tier flower collections, we promise a seamless cannabis delivery experience. After a long day exploring Petaluma’s historic districts, why not wind down with one of our CBD products or indulge in our flavorful gummies? For the discerning connoisseur, we also offer an array of concentrates and vaporizer cartridges for a more potent experience.

Ready to discover the best weed delivery dispensary in Petaluma? Place your order with Farmhouse Artisan Market today. It’s as easy as selecting your products, choosing your delivery time, and awaiting your delivery in the comfort of your home. We recommend you get started with our flower collection. 

1/8th Ounces (3.5g) of Flower

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Delivery in Petaluma, CA.

Is Farmhouse Artisan Market available in Petaluma?

Absolutely! We offer an array of over 500 products for purchase, with dozens of brands available for delivery in Petaluma and other areas in California. Check out our full list of delivery locations

How does weed delivery work with Farmhouse Artisan Market in Petaluma?

It’s simple! Browse our curated selection of products available for delivery in Petaluma, select your desired products, and check out with our variety of payment options. You can track your order and receive notifications during the delivery process.

When does Farmhouse Artisan Market close in Petaluma?

We’re open from 11am – 6pm Monday – Saturday and 12pm – 4pm on Sunday. Visit our hours of operation page for more information

Does Farmhouse Artisan Market offer weed delivery options to apartments in Petaluma?

Yes, we deliver to apartments in Petaluma. Just remember to include your apartment or unit number in the delivery address.

Does Farmhouse Artisan Market offer weed delivery options to hotel rooms or resorts in Petaluma?

Yes, we can deliver to hotels and resorts in Petaluma. Again, please include your room number in the delivery address.

Does Farmhouse Artisan Market offer weed delivery options to workplaces in Petaluma?

We do deliver to workplaces in Petaluma, but please ensure your workplace has no objections to such deliveries.

Are my neighbors and colleagues in Petaluma all going to know that I just ordered pot?

Not to worry. Our delivery vehicles and personnel operate discreetly, maintaining your privacy at all times.


10% off your first order

Use code FIRSTORDER at checkout.

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